The UK and USA Might Step in Against Corruption in SA

With the new changes in the laws of the USA and UK, there are indicators that both these countries might step in against the corruption in South Africa.

These laws proved to be a great success against corruption in Brazil and in just 8 months, there was a positive impact on the country’s position in the corruption index. All this happened after 38 corporate corruption investigations were started against Brazil. Since then, country has improved significantly.

Director at Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr, Mr. Willem said that there are similarities between the case of South Africa and Brazil. Since there are many global companies involved in corruption in South Africa, there is a great chance that these two countries would also take action against South Africa in the near future.

After several media groups exposed corruption in South Africa, there are great chances that the country might face investigation to curb corruption in the country.

This would mean that the days of corrupt practices might be over in South Africa, as countries like Germany, USA, UK and China are taking steps to uphold the general standard globally.


Source: BusinessTech Goodthingsguy

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