5 Strongest Reasons Why Braai Should Never Be Compared To USA BBQ

Every South African is pretty serious and emotionally attached to Braai. However, it hurts the feelings of Saffas when Braai is compared to USA barbecue. Many people think that these are just to different words that are used to refer to the same activity. Such people can’t be more wrong in their assumptions. Here are the 5 reasons why no one should compare Braai to USA barbecue.

5 – It’s Always About The Meat

In Braai, extra care is taken to make sure the meat is properly cooked, both from the inside and the outside. This might be a slow process but we Saffas are really serious when it comes to the meat. However, in USA BBQ, you’ll see burgers and sausages being grilled on gas, that too in a hurry. In a Braai, braai master will get the meat right every single time for you.

4 – Braai is a Process

There is always a process to be followed in a Braai. It starts with setting up a fire using wood or charcoal, you will never see gas being used at a Braai. Setting up a fire may take longer than usual, however, braai is all about the experience and enjoying your time by doing these activities. Then a grill for the meat. All this process might take longer than a typical BBQ but enjoying your time and leaving behind the chaotic world is what matters while Braa-ing.

3 – Braai is Used To Celebrate Occasions

Unlike BBQ that is planned and usually takes place in a certain season and usually once a month. Braai is something that could take place anytime of the year and it doesn’t even require days or months of planning. Moreover, it is used to celebrate occasions such as Christmas Braai, Birthday Braai and Braai for many other occasions. Thus, you can always make an occasion more memorable with braai, something that is not a BBQ culture.

2 – Food and Dop Are Always First At A Braai

Food at almost every Braai would be spicy and flavored. Saffas love spicy foods. For the meat part, there would be a steak, lambo chops and if not more than at least one wors, and you can’t classify it as a sausage. Apart from the meat, there might be side dishes bought by guests and they are equally mouth -watering, something that is rare for a BBQ to have.

1 – It Brings The Country Together

The magnitude of love from Braai can be measured on September 24, Heritage Day that is also called Braai Day. This is something unimaginable for a BBQ. People from different walks of life sit together and bond around the fire. Then they get to enjoy amazing food that makes this day so special for everyone.

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