5 Amazing Foods That South African Expats Miss The Most

5 – Biltong

One of the most loved foods in South Africa. Biltong is usually cut in strips, salted and dried, giving it a unique flavor. Expats miss this in every country as it is pretty rare to come by until you decide to make it by yourself.

4 – Mrs Balls Chutney

Now this is one of the South African favorites. This chutney of unique taste is a sure treat for taste buds and many South Africans use it for daily preparation of meals. South African expats miss the taste of this chutney and many of them take a bottle of their favorite one with them while going abroad.

3 – NikNaks

Crisp snacks with a unique flavor. This would take many Saffas down the memory lane and finding it in any other country is no less than a treat for any South African.

2 – Chappies

Chappies revive a lot of childhood memories, from going to the corner shop and getting chappies instead of change or buying a lot of them and eating them in a streak. It was also google of our time, telling different facts in every wrapper.

1 – Ouma Rusks

In other countries, any brand of rusks may have no emotions attached to it. However, in South Africa, the daily morning staple, Ouma rusks revives a lot of memories of every South African expat. And most of us miss it in other countries.

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