5 Solid Reasons Why South African Expats Never Want To Move Back

South Africans love their country, however, the recently turn of events have convinced many expats in other countries to permanently settle there. We have compiled five reasons why many expats would never want to return to SA again.

5 – Street Crime

Crime in South Africa is one of the highest in the world. Roaming free on the streets, especially at night is no more than a dream until you don’t care about your life or your valuables. This has led many Saffas to move out of the country and hardly there might be a person who didn’t lose his/her valuables to thugs on the streets.

4 –  Rape


According to BBC, 60,000 rape cases are reported to the police each year in South Africa. However, according to the estimates, the figure is at least ten times higher than reported. Thus, many people with families moved out of SA because of this reason and don’t feel comfortable in going back and putting their families in danger all over again.

3 – Education

Education in South Africa has deteriorated over the years and many expats move to developed countries with better education then back in the country. Thus, many expats don’t move back due to the studies of their children as it might disrupt their future.

2 – State of Fear

Saffas must be aware of the state of fear that becomes normal when you are living in SA. However, once you land in other countries, you realize that the state you were living in isn’t normal and you start leaving safe and start feeling better. Though, all of the crimes and horrible things can happen to you in other countries as well, the stats and police makes it safer for the citizens.

1 – Opportunities

Many Saffas have settled abroad and enjoying higher income and better standard of living. Thus, it is unlikely for most of them to leave their jobs and new countries and move back to South Africa. They see better opportunities for themselves and their children in their new countries but that doesn’t mean that they don’t feel for South Africa!


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