5 Things At Which South African Expats Are Better Than Anyone Else

There are a lot of things at which South Africans are better than anyone else and a lot of these things are now in our genes. We have compiled a list of 5 of these amazing things for you.

5 – Braai


South Africans have this superpower that no one else can match. That is, we can make the best Braai in the world and produce the best taste after grilling meat on charcoal. We don’t call it barbecue as it won’t be fair, Braai is much more than just a typical BBQ. Its environment, atmosphere and taste cannot be matched.

4 – Crossing The Road

crossing the road

We Saffas have this amazing ability to cross the road whenever and wherever we want to. No matter how fast the traffic is or how dangerous it could get. If we want to cross it then no can’t stop us or can’t expect us to want for the red signal before we could go to the other end of the road.

3 – Providing Service

customer service

Saffas are used to great customer service whether it be attendants at gas stations or at any other place. Thus, South Africans are usually better than most of the people when it comes to giving and getting customer service.

2 – Cheering Our Team

cheering Vuvuzela

Almost all fans would claim this title to be theirs but during every intense rugby game, bokke fans will start pouring into clubs and pubs to support our team. Painted faces and cheers tell the people how serious we are about our sports. The spirit is unique.

1 – Potjie Pots Meals

Potjie pot meals

Potjie pots are something very dear to saffas and it is very closely associated with all of us. South Africans make the best use of these pots by preparing the most delicious meals that would make you want more every single time. So when it comes to these pots, we can easily beat anyone else without much effort.

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