5 Things You Should NOT Say To A South African

South Africans get to hear all of these things all around the world. Especially expats are repeatedly asked these questions by people in other countries and these questions may become annoying after a while. We have compiled a list of five such things that South Africans abroad get to hear the most.

5 – You Are Not South African, You Are White!!

Well, many people around the world think that Africans can only be the black people. But these days you can easily travel and settle anywhere in the world. Moreover, South Africa is a mixture a lot of cultures and you’ll find Asians, Latinos and many other people living in the country.

4 – Do You Keep Lions As Pets?

Obviously, I don’t only keep them as pets but also go on hunting with them to get food for the dinner. I also have elephants and horses that I ride to school everyday. Electricity, roads and other facilities, we never heard of them before.

3 – Where is South Africa?

Try to guess using the name of the country again. SOUTH Africa. Maybe you get it now. No? South of Africa!


2 – Do You Know Sam? He’s My Friend From South Africa

Yes, used to play together and always did everything together like I did with every other Sam in the country. Come on people, we have a population of about 50 million. How in this world can we know every single person in the country?

1 – Can You Teach Me South African?

Yes, just put “f” in most of the words and you are good to go. Just like Souf Afrifan or “howf aref youf?”

Well, we have 11 national languages but South African is non of them. Sorry for the disappointment.


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