5 Reasons Why Every Country Welcomes South Africans As Expats

There are millions of South Africans who are living as expats in different countries all over the world. South Africans are wonderful people who contribute to the growth of their host countries. We have compiled five major reasons why countries make it easier for South Africans to move to their countries. Visa and job finding process might also be easier in some countries for the residents of South Africa as compared to other developing nations of the world.

5 – South Africa Has Friendly Relations With Most Nations

South Africa is a part of African Union, United Nations and Commonwealth. Moreover, there are only a few countries with whom South Africa does not have any diplomatic relations. This is one of the major reasons why most of the countries welcome Saffas as expats in their countries and make the moving process easier for them because of the relations between the countries.

4 – They Contribute To The Growth

There are a lot of South Africans who have moved abroad and contributed to the growth of those countries and world. Elon Musk is one the best examples. Though, he might have left the country due to his own reasons but his primary education was from South Africa and after moving abroad, he changed the faces of a few huge industries. There are many such Saffas who made their mark in different countries of the world.

3 – South Africa is a Rainbow Nation

South Africa is known for its cultural diversity. There are numerous native cultural people living in the country and about 2.2 million foreign expats enhance the level of diversity in the country. As South Africa openly welcomes people of other countries thus, Saffas are equally welcomed by other nations in the world. This is also another reason why Saffas find it easier to move to other countries as compared to nationals of other countries.

2 – Visa Free Entries

A lot of countries of the world provide visa-free arrival to the South African expats. Countries like Malaysia, Israel etc are on the list. Thus, it gets easier for the Saffas to move to these countries and explore different opportunities before permanently moving there. The visa-free entry in various countries depicts how much Saffas are welcomed around the globe.

1 – South African Community

There are already millions of South Africans already living in different parts of the world thus, there families and friends move to those countries as well. As Saffas are usually well-educated and have a sound grip in their respective fields, they easily land a job in those countries and blend well due to their friendly nature. All these reasons make the process easier for Saffas as compared to other developing nations of the world.

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