5 Most Difficult Phases Every South African Expat Has To Go Through

Here in this article we’ll be discussing the hardships that Saffas have to face after moving to their new countries. This doesn’t mean that we are discrediting their decision of moving to their new countries. This article is written by a South African expat describing the difficult phases that he had to go through. Instead of all these difficult phases, life becomes easier and whatever the reason of the move, for many of us, it starts to feel that we made the right choice.

First Phase | Deciding to Move |

We all had our reasons for moving to our new countries but there are different phases that we all might have gone through. For some of the expats, moving might have been an easy decision, however, the idea of leaving your country of birth, you family and your support group might have been hard to digest for a lot of people. Though, the will to move could be strong and the reasons might have made the choice easier, it is always hard to leave everyone around you and move to another alien country.

Second Phase | Making Arrangements |

Some of the expats might have had their relatives in the countries that they moved to or their spouses moved first and settled things before the family would have moved. In any case, making arrangements would have been a difficult task. Packing things, selecting a moving company, enrolling kids in schools and all such things had to be arranged before-hand. All these arrangements might take a toll on the expats as it is very crucial to get these things right before making the move.

Third Phase | Honeymoon Period |

This is the period when you move to the new country and realize all the new and beautiful things around you. Things would amuse you and you’ll enjoy the experience of this new country. However, with all this amusement, you might face a lot of difficulties such as adjusting to the new environment, getting used to the norms and rules of the society.

Fourth Phase | Homesick |

The homesick period comes after a few weeks when the honeymoon period is over and you start missing the things you had back in South Africa. However, you keep on reminding about all the reasons because of which you made the move. You might miss your support group back in South Africa such as your family and your friends but the reasons keep you going and makes this phase easier for you.

Fifth Phase | Settling Down |

This is the phase when you start adjusting to this new country and start adjusting to how things work. You begin to appreciate all the new and beautiful things around you and some expats might get this feeling that they made the right decision altogether. This is not a difficult phase but a period when things start to settle down.

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