5 Biggest Problems Faced By South African Expats

There are many problems that are faced by South Africans while relocating to another country. Reasons for moving could be different, however, all of these problems are faced by almost of the Saffas planning to move out.

5 – Finding a Place To Live

This is the first and foremost task to be completed and agents are available in every country to make this process easy. However, it is a pretty difficult task specially when you are not aware of the locality and have a blur idea of the country and how things work. This task takes its toll on almost every Saffa looking to move out.

4 – Bureaucracy

No matter what country we talk about. Bureaucracy always slows down things. When it comes to South African embassies in other countries, some of them take like forever to reply and to process documents. Moreover, in some countries, you might also have to get your documents translated that is another stressful task.


3 – Career Problems

Many Saffas secure a job before moving abroad. Whereas, many of them move in search of a better job. In every case, you are all on your own. Major concerns are: What if I don’t fit in the job? What if I don’t like the job? All these concerns take a toll on expats before they plan to move.

2 – Moving Things

Moving things from one house to another in the same city can be really stressful, however, expats have to move it to another country. Almost all of them look for a good moving company and the decision of what to take and what to leave behind is never an easy one. Every South African expat must have faced this problem.



1 – Social Life

Adjusting to the social setting of the new country is the biggest problem of all. No matter how good the country is, it always takes a few months to adjust to its environment and make new contacts in that country. The process of “hello” to new strangers and “goodbye” to the loved ones in South Africa is really painful one.

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