5 Amazing Countries South Africans Can Visit Without A Visa

South African Passport is the most powerful passport in the African continent granting visa-free access to its citizens in many countries of the world and visa on arrival in many other countries.

We have listed down 5 beautiful countries that you can travel without a visa with South African passport.


5 – Uruguay

It is a South American country. In 2013, it was also named as the “Country of The Year”. It ranks first in South America when it comes to peace, prosperity and lack of corruption. Apart from being one of the best countries in South American, it has numerous tourist destinations and Punta Del Este is one of the most famous of them. It shares its borders with Brazil and Argentina that too can be visited without a visa with South African passport, making Uruguay a must visit for Saffas.

4 – Bahamas

It is one of the most beautiful countries of the world and a heaven for beach lovers as it has more than 700 islands that makes it the perfect spot for your honeymoon or next vacation. Saffas can travel Bahamas without any visa for about 4 weeks and it can be extended up to 8 weeks.

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